Best Hacks for Vaping in Melbourne’s Summer

Summer is the time to enjoy sun, sand, beach and street fests. What could be better than relaxing outside in the pleasant summer and vaping? With beach vacations and outdoor adventures, summer is also great for vaping while you tan at your favorite beach or read a book in your hammock.

For you to keep on vaping and have fun this summer, we have listed a few things to keep in mind during this season of the year.

Don’t leave vape in direct sunlight

Do not leave your vape or e-juice bottles in the direct sun or inside a hot vehicle. Temperatures inside a closed car can reach as much as 132° F and all that pent-up heat wreaks havoc on batteries and any devices containing them. If you want to keep them safe, keep them with you, and keep them cool. A cool bag with an ice pack can be helpful on long car journeys, just make sure you keep your vape dry.

Don’t put E-Liquids in a fridge

Whilst leaving them in the sun or in a roasting car is a massive negative, the same goes for putting them into the fridge. It has a similar effect! The Liquid changes its thickness and flavor, which is something you’ll surely want to avoid. Just try to keep them in a cupboard or other mild temperature place.

Avoid overheating batteries

Overheating batteries is the common problem, which can happen to any electronic device when left in direct sunlight. Don’t let your batteries explode. Even if batteries are not hot enough to swell or explode, the sunlight can surely damage its internal parts of the batteries leaving them incapable of holding a charge. Also, keep the sand and water off your batteries.

Avoid Charging through car’s USB

When on long car journeys, avoid charging your device via your car’s vapor cigarette adaptor or USB. The battery will get very hot and be more susceptible to malfunction. It’s advisable to carry spare batteries in an appropriate battery case.

If your e-cigarette has non-removal batteries and you really need to charge it in your car, then pay special attention to the battery status and ensure that it’s not overcharging and the device isn’t becoming unreasonably hot.

Avoid E-juice to thin out and expand

There is nothing more annoying than picking up your device in the morning and finding that your e-juice has seeped out of the tank overnight. Tanks are more likely to leak in summer as compared to winter. Empty the tanks when not in use. Account for possible expansion of e-liquid when filling. Detach them from your mod.

Lower your voltage

Using the vaporizer in Australia’s heat can be a task. Hotter the weather – thinner the e-juice! You don’t need as much voltage to heat it as earlier. Consider taking your voltage down a notch, if you generally vape at high voltages. Thinner e-juice also makes leaks more likely, to ensure that all the connections on your vape are nice and tight.

Stock on supplies

Be prepared for unexpected adventures! Always keep in handy an extra charger, extra e-juice, and an extra battery for when you’re out longer than expected! Keep your goods in a storage case (They rock). All your vapor cigarette gear will be safe and organized.

Avoid chain vaping

Nothing heats up your vape as fast as your favorite juice on a sub-ohm coil. Take it easy, your e-cigarette will thank you for it.

Be Careful In the Sand

If you’re on your way to the beach this summer, you’ll surely want to relax and vape while you lounge on the sand. While you’re enjoying there, make sure that you keep the sand from getting into your device as it can easily clog it up. Better, store your vape in a bag or case until you’re willing to use it.

Vaping in Melbourne summer won’t be a problem again. Follow these hacks and surely your vape quality won’t suffer even on the hottest day of the summer. Happy vaping!