The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Vaping

It’s a new generation, and there is another way to hook kids on nicotine. In a very short period of time, e-cigarette and other Vaping devices have become popular. They are considered as the method to deliver nicotine along with the mixtures of chemicals that users suck.

For the young generation, Vaping may appear like a fun, harmless, social experience. But for parents, Vaping is both an X-factor and all-too-familiar echo of the past. Toxins covered with sweet candy flavours and sold as cool social props consider as similar to the way tobacco cigarettes were sold for the years.

Over the time it has been observed that individual who smoke e-cigarette seem to pile up fewer toxins in their bodies than the people who smoke conventional cancer sticks. Also, according to the research, it has been noticed that Vaping is often considered as safe or safer alternative to smoking.

Vaping devotees that you have vindicated, as researchers found that e-cigs aren’t quite bad for you as the tobacco they replace. In fact, transitioning to Vaping may end up being a excellent way to help people stop smoking altogether.

But despite all these benefits, there are some worst advices that we all have heard about Vaping. Let us take a look at it to have a better understanding of it.

  • While there are many people who claim that several potential health risks can cause by Vaping. Is the biggest proven damage that can ever cause by e-cigarette is dependence, as most e-liquid contain nicotine.
  • Another piece of advice that is been heard that Vaping from an electronic cigarette could be as bad for the heart as smoking, so one should not be addicted.

But so far, no scientific study has given any solid proof that Vaping can have life-threatening consequences like smoking. In fact, it is been said that electronic cigarettes are at least 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes.