How To Hire Good Construction Workers

Quality construction worker requires expertise, experience and qualifications. Hiring the wrong construction workers will not only affect the quality of the work, but it can also present serious safety and legal risks.

So, when it comes to construction labour hire, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right people, asking the right questions and only bringing the best people on board. To help streamline the process, we have some tips to help you hire the best people.

Create a specific and targeted job ad

Good workers respond to good job ads. Don’t be afraid to be specific. You should advertise for your ideal candidate.

Have a list of qualities, skills, qualifications and experience you require. Speak with the team your new recruit will be working with to see if they have any suggestions. Decide on some must-haves (e.g. a heavy machinery license) and some nice-to-haves (e.g. previous experience in both residential and commercial builds).

Don’t forget to provide a brief summary about what your company does. You should also include a short explanation of the role. This informs potential candidates and ensures only interested parties apply.

It’s worth exploring job sites like to see what kind of job ads other companies in your industry are posting.

Ask around

Our reputations precede us, so ask trustworthy industry contacts for recommendations. You can also ask them to reach out to their networks.

As with a job ad, be specific about what kind of worker you’re looking for and what the job involves.

Get references

Once you start interviewing potential employees, be sure to ask for references. Two references are usually sufficient.

These references should be from past employers and companies. They should have a good knowledge of the applicant’s working habits and abilities.

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions, like did they get along with everyone or were they good at their job. Ask about any specific projects they were involved in and how they contributed.

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Understand that character is just as important as skills

As you interview candidates, remember that being a team player with a great work ethic and willingness to learn is something that can’t be taught. Your new labour hire should fit with the ideals of the company and blend with the established team.

You may interview someone with a lot of experience but have a bad feeling about them. They may not work well with others or respond poorly to criticism. These can be difficult issues to overcome.

You may need to balance your desire for a skilled and experienced worker with one who will fit the company.

Work with an industry-specific recruitment firm

Alternatively, if you cannot commit time and resources to finding new construction workers, you can use a recruitment firm. Explain to them what you’re looking for and they can narrow down the pool and assist you with the process. You can also have a look on our blog on The Benefits of using a skilled recruitment company

Hiring someone is a difficult task and can even feel like a shot in the dark sometimes. Take care to work out what you really want from a new employee and to find the right person.

To help you get started writing a job ad, search and see what your competition and other employers are doing.