6 Considerations When Hiring Temporary Workers

It can be a difficult decision to hire temporary workers. Labour hire of any kind can be stressful; there can be a lot of work involved to get it done right and, if you hire the wrong person, even more work to fix mistakes.

Whether you are recruiting administration workers or looking into construction recruitment options for a particularly busy building period, you will face a number of challenges. If you’re not prepared, you can find yourself wasting money and time, and even facing legal action.

To get you off to a great start on your search, we’ve put together a list of six considerations to make before you sign that contract.

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Consider your budget

As temporary workers do not receive the same benefits as permanent employees, like paid leave, this is factored into their hourly or daily wage. This means that as you do the maths on how much you are willing to spend on a temporary worker, you need to make sure you’re factoring this higher pay into account. And remember, the more skilled the worker, the more they will cost – be wary of any “highly qualified” workers who are willing to work for significantly lowered wages.

When are your peak times? How long do they last?

Depending on your business, you may have peak times when you need to temporarily increase your staff pool. Similarly, you may have times when work is slow and you only need minimal staff. Understanding and pre-empting these times by hiring temporary workers in advance can make for a more efficient year all-round.

What is the expertise, experience or licensing that your temporary workers need?

To get the most out of your money and temporary workers, it’s critical you have a clear understanding of not only what you need them to do, what skills, qualifications and licences they will need to do it.

Consider if the role can be accomplished by someone already on your team – perhaps you can hire a temporary worker to then cover their simpler tasks so they can focus on the big picture. If you don’t already employ someone with the necessary skills, consider if the skills will be required short or long term. If it’s just for the short term, a suitably skilled temporary worker is the perfect solution. If you need these skills in the long run though, you may need to look into professional development for your permanent employees or a new permanent worker. Also, to know about the 5 Ways Labour Hire Can Help Your Business

How quickly do you need someone to start?

If you need someone to start tomorrow, you’re more likely to be able to fill the space with a temporary rather than permanent employee. This can be a great intermediate solution if an employee has moved on to another company or if they will be away for a period of time, but, as mentioned, you should seriously consider your budget before hiring a temporary worker to ensure that you can pay them for the desired length of time.

Have targeted and specific job descriptions

Like any role, a clear and accurate job description means you will get the potential employees you want in front of you. Speak with your team to understand exactly what a temporary worker will need to do and specify skills, experience and any other crucial elements (like qualifications, licences or site tickets) you want to see in your next temporary employee. Knowing what you need and want makes it easier to get a pool of the best candidates to choose from.

Make sure it is legal

Even if time is running out and you have to fill the position, make sure everything is above board when you’re hiring temporary workers. Be aware of regulations in your industry and carefully draw up a contract. Make sure to specify project scope, pay and benefits, and other critical elements. You may even wish to have your temporary employee sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you are concerned about your business’ intellectual property.

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when looking for temporary workers. If you are having difficulties or do not have time to complete the steps to a high standard of quality, it can be worth speaking with a recruitment firm to take over the task.